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October 3, 2019


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Things You Should Know about Grilles and Diffusers

Have you ever felt as though you’re cold gets far worse when you are at work or felt as though the air was a little stuffy when you spend a night in a hotel room? This could be attributable to the airflow in your hotel or office not being carefully designed to enhance a comfortable environment. Air quality in any building is very crucial for the productivity, health and comfort of the people inside. Most people may not be keen on air quality until the move from a building with wrong airflow, to a building with carefully designed airflow. To ensure even air distribution, an effective HVAC system ought to be made up of the right components, carefully positioned in each room of the building. Different buildings used for different purposes require different kinds of airflow and air diffusion, and correctly placing grilles and diffusers helps in achieving good air distribution throughout the building. Developers, consultants and architects working on renovation projects or new buildings ought to create perfect airflow that meets the building’s requirements, hence the need to know the purpose of grilles and diffusers as well as their differences.

Despite performing relatively similar roles, grilles and diffusers have one major difference. Grilles often come in adjustable or fixed blade formats and can be used for either the supply or return of air. The adjustable blade version of grilles are capable of directing air in multiple directions if required, with the directions varying from horizontal airflow to nearly vertical. Grilles are often installed on vertical surfaces such as doors or walls, despite their different applications. When specifying a grille, it is also necessary to consider aesthetics. Grilles are designed to not only meet air distribution requirements, but also fit in with the overall look of a particular development, something which goes a long way in integrating the devices into the overall design.

Diffusers on the other hand can be used to direct air in multiple directions i.e. not just up or down, and depending on the defusing question, can be configured for multiple air pattern control. Having up to 4 air distribution slots and coming in various shapes e.g. linear rectangles, squares and circles, diffusers are capable of blending into nearly any surface they are installed in. Diffusers are usually installed in ceilings and provide horizontal airflow. Similar to grilles, diffusers can be made to not only meet airflow requirements, but also their respective environment’s design. Based on the use of a building, manufacturers make a rich variety of grilles and diffusers equipped with various design elements for meeting the air distribution requirements of specific buildings.

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